It seems like they have days for everything—and April 27 is National Prime Rib Day. “Prime Rib” refers to the cut of meat, which is considered to be the highest quality of beef rib available and is located between the 6th and 12th ribs. This recipe features Pappy’s Not Made in China BBQ Sauce, which is not a very hot sauce. It’s actually mild enough for everyone to enjoy.

Prime Ribs with Texas Blackjack Sauce Recipe



  • Remove rib steaks from fridge to reach room temperature.
  • Combine BBQ sauce, sugar, coffee and Worcestershire sauce in a small saucepan. Heat over medium heat, stirring until sugar and coffee dissolve. Remove from heat.
  • Coat outdoor grill rack with nonstick spray. Heat grill. Place rib steak on rack. Brush with sauce; grill 3 minutes. Turn meat; brush with sauce; grill 6 minutes more. Turn meat again; brush with sauce; grill another 3 minutes.
  • Serve with sauce and enjoy!

Pappy’s makes a lot of different BBQ sauces with a variety of heat levels, including nice and spicy. Although you can’t usually compare a BBQ sauce to a hot sauce in terms of heat level,  Pappy’s Hottest Ride in Town is a BBQ sauce that clocks in at about 80,000 SHU. Check out all of Pappy’s awesome sauces here.